What Are the Popular Place Near Fullerton Hotel Singapore?

Fullerton Hotel in Singapore has a strategic location that is easy to reach by public transportation or private vehicle. In this area, there are many exciting tourist destinations. Here are some nearby places and popular destinations near this hotel.

Raffles Place MRT Station

During your holiday in Singapore, you can choose to take public transportation, MRT. MRT is very well-known. It is public transportation that has much space to sit. There are some individual chairs for pregnant women and disable people too.

You can reach the nearest MRT station about 146 meters from Fullerton HotelIt means you can go there on foot. It is great because you can see beautiful Singapore by walking to the Raffles Place MRT Station.

Prudential Tower

Only 201 meters from the hotel, you will see the business center, Prudential Tower. If you work there or you have an appointment in that place, you can stay in Fullerton. So, you do not need to have a long trip to go to your destination. Time is necessary for businessmen or employees, isn’t it?

Moulana Mosque

Many people come to Singapore to take a spiritual trip. Why is that so? Because this country is friendly to all religions. For example, Islam, as one of the most numerous religions in the world. If you are one of the tourists that like to take a spiritual trip to many mosques, stay in Fullerton. Near the hotel, you will find Moulana Mosque that is only 349 meters away. So, you can take many pictures and interview some passengers there.

Odette – National Gallery Singapore

Do you like to go to the national gallery? If you do, Odette – National Gallery Singapore is only 783 meters from the hotel. You can see many fascinating things and you can take some pictures too in that place.

Lucky Plaza

Many people go to this place to buy some souvenirs. Indeed, Singapore has many keychains, tote bags, and posters for the tourist that like to buy souvenirs. There is some other craft too in that place. So, that will be helpful for you, if you do not have much time and still want to buy some souvenirs.

Lucky Plaza is not far from Fullerton. It is about 3,12 kilometers away. You can take a ride or choose a taxi to arrive there. It is very well-known because there are many things to buy. You will get many options. So, you can buy not only souvenirs but also stationary, craft products, and many others else.

Singapore National Stadium

For someone who likes sport, the stadium is a good place to see many things. For example, you can see the league there. Not only that, but you can also attend a match between two teams. It is very common for the citizen to support a sports team. So, you can go to this place often when you go to Singapore. It is only 3.57 kilometers from the hotel.

There are many places to go and many things to do in the hotel. What’s better? You can get some discounts by claiming SingapoRediscovers Vouchers as soon as possible.