4 Best Features Of Mendix Low Code Platform Development

Considering the increasing number of attractive digital platforms for business, many have started to weigh in to find the best one. Many considerations are used in the selection, including the features. To see which one is the best, Mendix low code platform development comes as one of the best options to pick. It has a lot of attractive features, which can be made into consideration.

The Features Of Mendix And Its Low Code Program

1. Better Scalability Option

The low code platform’s best ability is its continued support of scalability. The system allows users to add more features, functions, and operations to the application to accommodate the increasing users or usage. For a company that has constant growth and is under the strong development phase, it is a good option since Mendix can expand from 20 to 20.000 employees or users.

2. Provide Better Security

Mendix technology is part of Siemens, a world-known technology company. With its experience and expertise, the technology can provide a good tool with a sufficient security system.  In this case, Mendix allows users to start using their low code development system or framework to secure the application. However, it does need some knowledge to do so.

That is where you can find an official partner for Mendix low code platform in Indonesia, Soltius. The company has a long experience in providing and working with the digital platform. In this case, the expert team is ready to help and provide the best Mendix creation for the company. There are also training programs to increase users’ knowledge.

3. Has Drag Drop Interface and Easy Use Visual Modeling Tools

One of the unique points of Mendix is its drag-and-drop interface. With its low code system, the drag and drop ease users to create their unique interface. It also facilitates a better production process. With the preset models and template, the company has the right and ability to customize the application. Thus, making it to the best use for the business operation.

4. Give Some Unique Functionality

A good surprise from Mendix is its thorough and unique functionality. It can be seen as an out-of-the-box software since it allows the creator to skip some key components to create an application from the start. In other words, everyone can enjoy the complete function from data storage, customer-facing app, and sales process, to service management with ease.

At glance, you can say that Mendix is a very solid digital platform for business. It has a lot to offer and properly has varying functions or features to support its users. The key to a low code platform also lies in its easy-to-scale and use development. The company can use it and get support from its official partner, Soltius Indonesia. The vendor will help with the implementation of integration.